Monetization Models

Choose how you want to integrate Fairshare with your software

Fairshare Unlock

Works with:
  • Applications
  • Extensions

The Fairshare unlock integration allows you to drive users to install the Fairshare extension during their normal interactions with your software. You can customize the calls to action that drive the installation.


  • Fairshare Unlock complies with all major browser policies and regulations.
  • Custom user engagement. Tailor calls to action to fit your ideal user experience.
  • Test multiple calls to actions and determine what works best for your software and users.
  • User control. Users choose if they want to install Fairshare.
  • Create a premium user experience that allows Fairshare users to access premium features and content.


  • Need to drive Fairshare installs. The more users that install Fairshare, the more revenue you generate.
  • For certain calls to action, considerable changes need to be made to your software to integrate the Fairshare unlock monetization solution. Our technical team is available to help you design your custom call to action.

Integration Overview

There are many way to drive your users to install the Fairshare extensions and you can customize the experience for your product.

Build a paywall where you lock premium content or capabilities unless the user has Fairshare installed

Introduce a freemium model that gives users limited access to your software until they install the Fairshare extension.

Encourage your users to donate to your software by installing Fairshare

Implementation Demo

In this demo, we use our JavaScript API to lock features (i.e. access to additional levels).
Users must install the Fairshare Unlock Extension to unlock new levels.

Levels Locked Install Fairshare

Sample User Experiences

1. Show pop-up messages

Prompt users to install Fairshare when they first launch your software.

2. Lock content or features

Prompt users to install Fairshare if they try to access "locked" content or features.

3. Implement trial period

Prompt users to install Fairshare if they want to continue using your software.

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