Monetization Models

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Fairshare Digital Insights

Works with:
  • Applications
  • Extensions

Fairshare Digital Insights allows you to immediately monetize 100% of your users by bundling our insight collection agent with your existing extension. Just add a few lines of code into your software, deploy the changes, and start making money!


  • Integration is simple. Add a few lines of code to your extension and start generating revenue immediately.
  • Insights are collected in the background so you don't interfere with your users' experiences.


  • Requires a simple disclosure to your extension users.
  • Only works if your extension has the all-urls permission.
How it works

Once you deploy we begin collecting, anonymizing, and aggregating browsing data into our different research panels. Those panels are used to generate site traffic estimates and other industry reports.

Data Insights Integration

  • 1

    Update your extension locally: Make sure you have the right permissions, then add our JS file and update your manifest. We'll double check to ensure you won't trigger a permissions dialogue.

  • 2

    Update your Privacy Policy: We'll provide you disclosures to add to our extension so users are informed that aggregate insights data is being collected.

  • 3

    Deploy changes: Push your change to the Chrome store and start monetizing new installations in a above-board, clean way.

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