A Message From Our CEO

We're a market research company focused on leveraging anonymized, aggregated data to inform product and marketing design decisions. As the pace of innovation increases and people strive to deliver higher quality and more useful products and services, data acts as a catalyst to accelerate learning and continuous improvement.

At Fairshare, we recognize the responsibility that we have to ensure that data we receive is handled in a way that respects user privacy and security. We are proud of our strict requirements around conspicuous, plain-English disclosures, which provide users with instructions and easy access to opt-out. In addition, we also provide developers with APIs so they can create custom opt-in / opt-out prompts for their users.

We are committed to fully safeguarding the data we receive and we're constantly adding new layers of filtration and protection. We leverage HTTP headers, which includes cookies, but we don't analyze cookie information. Our engineering protocols dictated that we initially centralize the cleaning and discarding of this data server-side, as we felt that provided the greatest level of security and stability for ensuring it was handled properly.

While we are confident these measures have worked well, we're currently in the midst of migrating to a new paradigm for improved international and cross-browser compliance. The updated model will enable us to pre-filter/anonymize cookie and other data client side before it is sent to us. This new process will also trigger a completely separate opt-in/opt-out browser tab rather than just including the disclosure in the description, which reflects our proven commitment to being as transparent as possible with our users.

Similarly to how the steam engine drove humanity to new levels of prosperity during the industrial revolution, intelligently leveraging data will carry us to new heights throughout our present-day information revolution. Data brings great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. We thank you for entrusting us to help fuel the modern day innovation economy in a way that is safe, secure, and transparent.

Christian Rodriguez
CEO, Fairshare