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How Fairshare Analytics Can Help You

Reports You Want

Reports You Want

Fairshare gives you comprehensive analytics to track installations, daily active users, and other key performance indicators that drive your business forward.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Integrating Fairshare Analytics is simple. With just a few lines of code you can start collecting data and making optimization decisions! It’s completely free!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Fairshare Analytics is designed to just make sense, but if you have questions our knowledge base and customer support are just a click away!

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Activity Analytics

Extensions aren't like websites, so why are you using the same tools to measure them? Our turnkey solution is more intuitive than alternatives and require no configuration.

Daily User Activity
Track exactly how many of your users are active every day. No more relying on web stores numbers to determine software performance. Unlike our competitors we know how to account for cookie blocking bots.

User Aging and Retention
Find out how old your users are. Are your users loyal customers who stick around for the long haul, or do they merely try your software and then disappear? Figure out if your FTUE is suffering.

Overall User Activity
Get a snapshot of how often are your users browsing the web and using your software. Are they signing on every day or do they only visit once in a while?


Demographic Data

Your users matter! Knowing who you users are and where they’re coming from helps you make smart decisions as to how you should optimize your content and functionality. Know your users and build for them!

Language Distribution
See what languages your active users are speaking. Maybe a translated product is in your future

Global Activity
View a heat map of the world and pinpoint the countries where most of your active users reside.

Geo-specific reports
Analyze the activity of your daily active users by geo and identify which countries are performing best.


Revenue Analytics

If you're monetizing with Fairshare Unlock or Fairshare Digital Insights the Fairshare Analytics platform provides comprehensive revenue reports so you can track how much money your users are generating and determine where you should focus your optimization efforts.

Revenue by DAU
Track the average revenue you’ve generated per daily active user over a specified time segment.

Revenue by Top Geos
Identify the countries that have generated the most revenue for your business.

Get Paid for for Analytics
Activate Fairshare Digital Insights to generate revenue by contributing data to our research panel.

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