About Us

Leadership with a track record of innovation in advertising

Our Principles

At Fairshare Labs, we strive to design user-friendly monetization solutions that are transparent to users, flexible for publishers, and behave in accordance with policies set by major industry groups and application distribution channels (like web stores for all major browsers).
We continually strive to identify and offer new monetization opportunities so that developers can focus on what they do best: building products users love.

Our Story

In late 2012, after selling their display advertising technology business, a couple ad:tech industry veterans got together to reflect on what really drove value in the digital ecosystem. From that conversation Burstworks, a web technology incubator and portfolio holding company was born.

It was as crystal clear then as it is now: data drives better decisions. So in mid 2014, in an effort to enable developers and publishers to monetize their high-value content, Burstworks launched the Fairshare market research panel.

With Fairshare users can opt-in to contributing insights to the Fairshare market research panel. Revenue generated from the data collected is distributed to content providers allowing them to provide premium content while giving users control, transparency, and an alternative to pulling out their wallets

Our Leadership

Christian Rodriguez

Christian, an MIT graduate, was an early team member at Sconex which was later acquired by Alloy Media + Marketing. He went on to co-found Adnamic, an advertising technology company, which was acquired by Magnetic in 2012. After a short stint leading marketing and operations at Lucky Labs, a casual gaming company, he went on to found Burstworks in 2012 and launch Fairshare Labs in 2014.

Whether on or off the clock, Christian enjoys helping companies run more efficiently and grow quickly and profitably by utilizing technology and highly effective operational processes. He further leveraged his background in intelligent search engine marketing and game theory, and his savvy negotiation skills to place third behind MIT and Georgia Tech in the DARPA Networking Challenge. Christian has also traveled extensively spending a year driving and couchsurfing across the United States of America.

Jawad Laraqui

Jawad is also no stranger to success in business. He co-founded Sconex, a social media for teens site sold to Alloy Media + Marketing in 2006 and Adnamic, which he co-founded with Christian Rodriguez. Jawad is also an advisor to Bookbub, a ebook recommendation service.

With a bachelor of science and masters in computer science from MIT, Jawad has stayed involved with a number of groups and initiatives connected with his alma mater. If you’re looking for him on a weekend, though, look to the sky, as Jawad enjoys flying planes in his free time.